Welcome to “Zandhuisjes” Chalet rental TexelOns Chalet Zandhuisjes bevindt zich op chaletpark Bregkoog op Texel

Chalet Zandhuisjes Texel

Our new spacious and luxuriously executed quad chalet can be rented and you will find at Chaletpark Bregkoog in Texel. Chaletpark Bregkoog is a friendly park with very spacious pitches for chalets and mobile homes. In the immediate vicinity of the park you will find a beautiful forest. Just 500 metres away you will find the subtropical swimming paradise and a five-minute walk from the centre of De Koog. The beach is also just a ten minute walk away.  For the horse lovers There is also plenty to do as it is near the maneges. Bregkoog is located in one of the most unique locations on the island of Texel. Last year by the television program “Trips & Travel” of RTL4 still named one of the best parks in the Netherlands. In short: A beautiful holiday spot in a perfect place!


Possibility to park your car at the Chalet

 De Koog

5 minutes walk from the centre of de Koog


On the edge of the forest


10 minutes walk from the beach 

 Bathing Paradise

500 meters from Calluna swimming Paradise


The entire island at your fingertips


Recommended by “Tips & Travel” as one of the best in the Netherlands 

Chalet Zandhuisjes           *            Nr. 215         *         Bosrandweg 197            *          1796NA De Koog (Texel)        *           06 31930607     *         info@zandhuisjes.nl
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